Varo & Pogo LT

UX Writing, Content Strategy
An app duo to make life-saving data usable.

Organization served:
Varo is a free webapp that makes detailed reports using data gathered from refrigerators that house vaccines, most useful to medical and logistical professionals on the ground. Pogo is Varo’s companion webapp that combines Varo reports into high-level refrigeration system overviews useful to system managers and NGOs. Together, Varo and Pogo make life-saving vaccines easier to store and manage successfully.

Project brief and client goals:
Varo and Pogo had just launched and were beginning to be adopted by users in the field, but neither app had a website limiting sharability and legitimacy. Leadership of the app suite wanted each app to have their own website that described in accessible, jargon-minimal language describing exactly what problems were solved by using these free softwares.

Our clients’ main goals for the sites were:
⊛ highlight the app suite’s uses and simplicity
⊛ attract new users, prioritizing NGO workers

Initial findings:
After digging into the site and evaluating content and structure, these were my findings:

⊛ Site visitors were most likely to view the sites from a mobile phone rather than a desktop, so mobile-first design was necessary

⊛ All existing copy explaining the apps were jargon-heavy, making their core benefits and features obscured to managers and leadership that may not have experiential knowledge of cold-chain storage systemsBecause these apps were primarily in use in several African countries, our site content including copy and graphics needed to be culturally relevant
⊛ Most compelling benefit of these apps is that they are free to use and compatible with affordable, widely-available hardware. Similar software requires specific hardware that is very expensive and data sharing and analysis is not democratized

Project actions completed:
⊛ Designed responsive, mobile-first sitesDesigned an easy to follow narrative for each apps’ site
⊛ Wrote approachable, jargon-less copy for each page including Home, About, Support pages
⊛ Used developer notes to create FAQsWrote copy to highlight product features that save time, boost efficiency, and eliminate the need for manual data entry and analysis

Guillermo Casanova: front-end designer and developer, UI and interaction designer
Anna Cruz: illustrator and designer
Luke Padgett: creative director and copywriter

Goals met?
The creative director leading this project met regularly with Varo and Pogo leadership to confirm that our team was meeting their site launch expectations.
Ultimately, our team created 2 sites that were informational, easy to understand, and attractive to new users working at NGOs.

About me:

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I’m a content-cross-pollinator with 10 years of content experience, passionate about contributing to the design of a more equitable world.
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