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A website to bring neighbors together through the arts.

Organization served:
ChattaNAP is a non-profit based in the Chattanooga, TN area operating with the main goals of bringing neighbors together through the arts by offering arts events, resources, and showcasing local talent.

Project brief and client goals:
ChattaNAP’s leadership was looking to redesign their website because site visitors had shared with them that it was hard to find the information they were looking for, both as a local person interested in neighborhood events and as a member of organizations looking to donate.

Their main goals with the site redesign were:
⊛ driving donations
⊛ attracting newsletter subscriptions
⊛ gaining volunteers

Initial findings:
After digging into the site and evaluating content and structure, these were my findings:

⊛ Site was not mobile-friendly
⊛ Site was difficult to navigate because information
architecture was unclear
⊛ Pages were largely unstyled without content containers/ bounding boxes, making the site look unfinished and donations less likely

⊛ “Donation” page was buried in a navigation menu, not front and center
⊛ No existing newsletter sign-up feature
⊛ No designated contact person or form for site visitors looking to volunteer
⊛ Unclear who to contact when trying to reach the org
⊛ Descriptions of the org’s programming largely didn’t exist yet
⊛ Upcoming event calendar didn’t exist yet, so it was difficult for residents to find out about programs in the future
⊛ Imagery on the site was overly general and didn’t convey what the organization did, only where it was located

Project actions completed:
⊛ Designed a responsive, mobile-first siteRevised information architecture to better accommodate org Programs, Events, Team, and Contact information
⊛ Used Webflow CMS so org members would be able to edit their own content in the future.

⊛ Performed copy and content audits to centrally gather all existing site materials
⊛ Designed a sticky and easily seen “Donate” button to live in the top right corner of the site, leading to a Donorbox form
⊛ Designed an email newsletter sign-up capture field and placed it on the “Home” page
⊛ Designed a contact form for community members looking to volunteer ⊛ Wrote descriptions of all current org programs, events, past donors and yearly accomplishments
⊛ Designed a new “Contact” page and wrote out brief team members bios
⊛ Created a new community event calendar and included an upcoming event section on the “Home” page
⊛ Changed all site imagery to include photos from actual org events and prioritize the people hard at work to make ChattaNAP a great organization
⊛ Wrote metatags and meta descriptions for better SEO and screen reader accessibility

Guillermo Casanova: front-end designer and developer, UI and interaction designer

Goals met?
To ensure that we were meeting our client’s goals, we met with ChattaNAP leadership regularly to discuss our design strategies and progress until the site went live.

Overall, we met our clients’ goals of capturing more newsletter emails, driving more donations, and having more volunteer signups.

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